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Portsmouth Hospitals University (PHU) publications database can be found here.


“A strengthened and sensorised custom silicone glove for use with an intelligent prosthetic hand”

Kyberd, P., Findlayson, D., Jayasuriya, M. & Chibante, F., 1 Sep 2022In: Medical Engineering & Physics. 10710 p., 103845.

“Personal health records an approach to answer: what works for whom in what circumstances?”

Andrikopoulou, E. & Scott, P., 20 Apr 2022, Challenges of Trustable AI and Added-Value on Health. Séroussi, B., Weber, P., Dhombres, F., Grouin, C., Liebe, J-D., Pelayo, S., Pinna, A., Rance, B., Sacchi, L., Ugon, A., Benis, A. & Gallos, P. (eds.). Paris: IOS Press BV, p. 725-729 4 p. (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; vol. 294).

“Analysing and identifying COVID-19 risk factors using machine learning algorithm with smartphone application”

Siddiqui, S., Hossain, E., Asaduzzaman, S. M., Al Jannat, S., Niloy, T. S., Rahman, W., Masum, S., Hopgood, A., Good, A. & Gegov, A., 2 Aug 2022, Inventive Systems and Control: Proceedings of ICISC 2022. Suma, V., Baig, Z., Kolandapalayam Shanmugam, S. & Lorenz, P. (eds.). Springer Singapore, p. 775-788 14 p. (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems; vol. 436).


“Appearance-based gaze estimation for ASD diagnosis”

Li, J., Chen, Z., Zhong, Y., Lam, H. K., Han, J., Ouyang, G., Li, X. & Liu, H., 25 Apr 2022In: IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 527p. 6504-6517 14 p., 7.

“Multiple criteria model for allocating new medical robotic devices to treatment centres”

Jones, D., Firouzy, S. & Labib, A., 1 Mar 2022In: European Journal of Operational Research. 2972

“A comparative study of deep learning models for COVID-19 diagnosis based on x-ray images”

Siddiqui, S. S. N. U., Hossain, E., Ferdous, R., Arifeen, M., Rahman, W., Masum, S. K., Hopgood, A. A., Good, A. & Gegov, A., 1 Jan 2022, Smart and Sustainable Technology for Resilient Cities and Communities. Howlett, R. J., Jain, L. C., Littlewood, J. R. & Balas, M. M. (eds.). Springer, p. 163-174 (Advances in Sustainability Science and Technology).

“Security threats and possible countermeasure in digital healthcare”

Fasunlade, O. T., Zhou, S. & Sanders, D., 22 Jun 2022, Proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, p. 1297-1302 6 p.


“CoBra robot for localized cancer treatment and diagnosis under real-time MRI”

Dhaliwal, S. S., Wilby, S. L., Firouzy, S., Boni, L., de Vries, M., Navarro, S. E., Belarouci, A., Coelen, V., Lakhal, O., Pasquier, D., Palmer, A. L., Polak, W., Jones, D., Labib, A., Dobbelsteen, J. J., Duriez, C. & Merzouki, R., 17 Jun 20212 p.

“Managing pandemic responses with health informatics – challenges for assessing digital health technologies”

Magrabi, F., Ammenwerth, E., Craven, C. K., Cresswell, K., De Keizer, N. F., Medlock, S. K., Scott, P. J., Wong, Z. S-Y. & Georgiou, A., 1 Aug 2021In: Yearbook of Medical Informatics. 301p. 56-60 5 p.

“Chitin nanocrystals based complex fluids: a green nanotechnology”

Kumar, S. & Foroozesh, J., 1 Apr 2021, In: Carbohydrate Polymers. 257, 19 p., 117619.

“Data analytics and artificial intelligence to predict length of stay, readmission and mortality after colorectal cancer surgery”

Masum, S., Hopgood, A. A., Stefan, S., Flashman, K. & Khan, J., 1 Feb 2021, In: European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 47, 2, p. e5 1 p., ESSO20V-0163.

“Reduction of oral liquid controlled drugs discrepancy in day-to-day practice”

Mohanasundaram, S., Rutter, P., Fox, A., Wood, K. & Roldo, M., 29 May 2021, (Early online) In: International Journal of Pharmacy Practice. riab029.

“Influence of the mechanical environment on the regeneration of osteochondral defects”

Davis, S., Roldo, M., Blunn, G., Tozzi, G. & Roncada, T., 27 Jan 2021, In: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. 9, p. 1-23 23 p., 603408.

“Investigating the influence of architecture and material composition of 3D printed anatomical design scaffolds for large bone defects”

Daskalakis, E., Liu, F., Huang, B., Acar, A. A., Cooper, G., Weightman, A., Blunn, G., Koç, B. & Bartolo, P., 24 Feb 2021, In: International Journal of Bioprinting. 7, 2, p. 1-10 10 p., 268.

“Multi-scale mechanical and morphological characterisation of sintered porous magnesium-based scaffolds for bone regeneration in critical-sized defects”

Bonithon, R., Kao, A., Pena Fernandez, M., Dunlop, J. N., Blunn, G. W., Witte, F. & Tozzi, G., 31 Mar 2021, (Accepted for publication) In: Acta Biomaterialia.

“Pro-angiogenic and osteogenic composite scaffolds of fibrin, alginate and calcium phosphate for bone tissue engineering”

Kohli, N., Sharma, V., Orera, A., Sawadkar, P., Owji, N., Frost, O. G., Bailey, R. J., Snow, M., Knowles, J. C., Blunn, G. W. & García-Gareta, E., 6 Apr 2021, In: Journal of Tissue Engineering. 12, p. 1-17 17 p.

“Validity and reliability of innovative field measurements of tibial accelerations and spinal kinematics during cricket fast bowling”

Senington, B., Lee, R. Y. & Williams, J. M., 26 Jun 2021, (Early online) In: Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing. 10 p.

“Shock-absorbing flooring for older adults and staff in hospitals and care homes: a mixed methods systematic review (The SAFEST Review)”

Drahota, A., Felix, L., Raftery, J., Keenan, B., Lachance, C., Mackey, D. C., Markham, C., Laing, A., Farrell-Savage, K. & Okunribido, O., 1 Feb 2021, (Accepted for publication) In: Health Technology Assessment. 274 p.

“How do inter-organisational electronic health records affect hospital physician and pharmacist decisions? A scoping review”

Scott, P., Nakkas, H. & Roderick, P., 10 Sep 2021, medRxiv, 17 p.

“Deep learning approach to assess damage mechanics of bone tissue”

Shen, S. C. Y., Peña Fernández, M., Tozzi, G. & Buehler, M. J., 14 Aug 2021, In: Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. 123, 104761.

“Mobile health apps: an exploration of user-generated reviews in Google Play store on a physical activity application”

Al-Abbadey, M., Fong, M., Wilde, L., Ghio, D. & Ingham, R., 8 May 2021, In: Digital Health. 7, p. 1-12

“3D printed spherical mini-tablets: geometry versus composition effects in controlling dissolution from personalised solid dosage forms”

Ayyoubi, S., Cerda, J. R., Fernandez-Garcia, R., Knief, P., Lalatsa, K., Healy, A. M. & Serrano Lopez, D. R., 15 Mar 2021, In: International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 597, p. 1-15 15 p., 120336.


“Digital Personalized Health and Medicine: Proceedings of MIE 2020”

Pape-Haugaard, L. B. (ed.), Lovis, C. (ed.), Cort Madsen, I. (ed.), Weber, P. (ed.), Hostrup Nielsen, P. (ed.) & Scott, P. (ed.), 24 Jun 2020, Amsterdam: IOS Press. 1426 p. (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; vol. 270)

“CNN-GCN aggregation enabled boundary regression for biomedical image segmentation”

Meng, Y., Wei, M., Gao, D., Zhao, Y., Yang, X., Huang, X. & Zheng, Y., 29 Sep 2020, Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2020 – 23rd International Conference, Proceedings. Martel, A. L., Abolmaesumi, P., Stoyanov, D., Mateus, D., Zuluaga, M. A., Zhou, S. K., Racoceanu, D. & Joskowicz, L. (eds.). Springer, p. 352-362 11 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics); vol. 12264).

“Integrated Citizen Centered Digital Health and Social Care: Citizens as Data Producers and Service Co-Creators”

Värri, A. (ed.), Delgado, J. (ed.), Gallos, P. (ed.), Hägglund, M. (ed.), Häyrinen, K. (ed.), Kinnunen, U-M. (ed.), Pape-Haugaard, L. (ed.), Peltonen, L-M. (ed.), Saranto, K. (ed.) & Scott, P. (ed.), 15 Dec 2020, Amsterdam: IOS Press. 260 p. (Studies in Health Technology and Informatics; vol. 275)

“Decellularized porcine xenograft for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a histological study in sheep comparing cross-pin and cortical suspensory femoral fixation”

Hexter, A. T., Hing, K. A., Haddad, F. S. & Blunn, G., 17 Jun 2020, In: Bone & Joint Research. 9, 6, p. 293-301

“Design of an occupancy monitoring unit: a thermal imaging based people counting solution for socio-technical energy saving systems in hospitals”

Taha, A., Krabicka, J., Wu, R., Kyberd, P. & Adams, N., 30 Jan 2020, Proceedings of the 2019 11th Computer Science Electronic Engineering (CEEC). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 6 p.

“Lower limb biomechanics before and after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review”

Moore, J. M., Cessford, K., Willmott, A. P., Raj, D., Exell, T. A., Burbage, J. & Mullineaux, D. R., 11 May 2020, (Early online) In: Journal of Biomechanics. 109828.

“Application of deep learning in cardiovascular medicine using multiple biomedical data”

Gogi, G., Gegov, A., Bader-El-Den, M. & Vatchova, B., 18 Sep 2020, 2020 IEEE 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems, IS 2020 – Proceedings. Sgurev, V., Jotsov, V., Kruse, R. & Hadjiski, M. (eds.). Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, p. 200-204 5 p. 9199844. (2020 IEEE 10th International Conference on Intelligent Systems, IS 2020 – Proceedings).

“Cement opacity and color as influencing factors on the final shade of metal-free ceramic restorations”

Carrabba, M., Vichi, A., Tozzi, G., Louca, C. & Ferrari, M., 13 Apr 2020, (Early online) In: Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry. 7 p.

“Engineering butylglyceryl-modified polysaccharides towards nanomedicines for brain drug delivery”

Bostanudin, M. F. B., Lalatsa, K., Gorecki, D. & Barbu, E., 15 May 2020, In: Carbohydrate Polymers. 236, 10 p., 116060.

“Outcome measures”

Kyberd, P., 7 Dec 2020, (Accepted for publication) Bionic Limb Reconstruction. Aszmann, O. & Farina, D. (eds.). Springer Nature

“Full‐field strain of regenerated bone tissue in a femoral fracture model”

Karali, A., Kao, A., Meeson, R., Roldo, M., Blunn, G. W. & Tozzi, G., 24 Jun 2020, (Early online) In: Journal of Microscopy. 11 p.

“Biomechanical risk factors of lower back pain in cricket fast bowlers using inertial measurement units: a prospective and retrospective investigation”

Senington, B., Lee, R. Y. & Williams, J. M., 13 Aug 2020, In: BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medicine. 6, 1, 11 p., e000818.

“Mechanisms of sporadic control failure related to the skin-electrode interface in myoelectric hand prostheses”

Stavdahl, Ø., Mugaas, T., Ottermo, M. V., Magne, T. & Kyberd, P., 1 Jan 2020, In: Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics. 32, 1, p. 38-51 14 p.

“The development of a novel autologous blood glue aiming to improve osseointegration in the bone-implant interface”

Sanghani-Kerai, A., Coathup, M., Brown, R., Lodge, G., Osagie-Clouard, L., Graney, I., Skinner, J., Gikas, P. & Blunn, G., 30 Jul 2020, In: Bone & Joint Research. 9, 7, p. 402-411

“Embedded research in rehabilitation engineering”

Foord, D. & Kyberd, P., 1 Dec 2020, (Early online) In: Prometheus. 17 p.

“Treatment of a large osseous defect in a feline tarsus using a stem cell‐seeded custom implant”

Fitzpatrick, N., Black, C., Choucourn, M., Blunn, G., Meswania, J. & Sanghani‐Kerai, A., 11 Jul 2020, (Early online) In: Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.


“Biomanufacturing of customized modular scaffolds for critical bone defects”

Koc, B., Acar, A. A., Weightman, A., Cooper, G., Blunn, G. & Bartolo, P., 1 Jun 2019, In: CIRP Annals – Manufacturing Technology. 68, 1, p. 209-212 4 p.

“Hierarchical electrospun tendon-ligament bioinspired scaffolds induce changes in fibroblasts morphology under static and dynamic conditions”

Sensini, A., Cristofolini, L., Zucchelli, A., Focarete, M. L., Gualandi, C., De Mori, A., Kao, A., Roldo, M., Blunn, G. W. & Tozzi, G., 24 Jul 2019, (Early online) In: Journal of Microscopy.

“Clinical evaluation of the refined clothespin relocation test: a pilot study”

Hussaini, A., Hill, W. & Kyberd, P., 1 Oct 2019, In: Prosthetics and Orthotics International. 43, 5, p. 485-491 7 p.

“Blood pressure lowering effects of a novel isometric exercise device following a 4-week isometric handgrip intervention”

Baddeley-White, D. S., McGowan, C. L., Howden, R., Gordon, B. D. H., Kyberd, P. & Swaine, I. L., 24 Jun 2019, In: Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine. 10, p. 89-98 9 p.

“Applications of X-ray computed tomography for the evaluation of biomaterial mediated bone regeneration in critical sized defects”

Pena Fernández, M., Witte, F. & Tozzi, G., 7 Nov 2019, (Early online) In: Journal of Microscopy. 18 p.

“Butylglyceryl pectin nanoparticles: synthesis, formulation and characterization”

Bostanudin, M. F., Arafat, M., Sarfraz, M., Górecki, D. C. & Barbu, E., 2 May 2019, In: Polymers. 11, 5, 12 p., 789.

“Multiscale analyses reveal native-like lamellar bone repair and near perfect bone-contact with porous strontium-loaded bioactive glass”

Autefage, H., Allen, F., Tang, H. M., Kallepitis, C., Gentleman, E., Reznikov, N., Nitiputri, K., Nommeots-Nomm, A., O’Donnell, M. D., Lange, C., Seidt, B. M., Kim, T. B., Solanki, A. K., Tallia, F., Young, G., Lee, P. D., Pierce, B. F., Wagermaier, W., Fratzl, P., Goodship, A. & 3 others, , 1 Jul 2019, In: Biomaterials. 209, p. 152-162

“Impact of pharmacy medicine information service advice on clinician and patient outcomes: an overview”

Rutter, J. & Rutter, P., 16 Oct 2019, (Early online) In: Health Information and Libraries Journal. 19 p.

“Labial trauma post birth: a delphi study of classification and suturing requirements”

Jenkins, E., Markham, C., Ryder, I. & Kettle, C., 1 Apr 2019, In: Midwifery. 71, p. 49-55


“The effect of bearing surface on risk of periprosthetic joint infection in total hip arthroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysis”

Hexter, A. T., Hislop, S. M., Blunn, G. W. & Liddle, A. D., 1 Feb 2018, In: Bone and Joint Journal. 100-B, 2, p. 134-142

“Investigating the uncanny valley for prosthetic hands”

Poliakoff, E., O’Kane, S., Carefoot, O., Kyberd, P. & Gowen, E., 7 Feb 2018, In: Prosthetics and Orthotics International. 42, 1, p. 21-27 7 p.

“Biological augmentation of graft healing in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review”

Hexter, A. T., Thangarajah, T., Blunn, G. & Haddad, F. S., 1 Mar 2018, In: Bone and Joint Journal. 100-B, 3, p. 271-284

“Application of a demineralized cortical bone matrix and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a model of chronic rotator cuff degeneration”

Thangarajah, T., Sanghani-Kerai, A., Henshaw, F., Lambert, S. M., Pendegrass, C. J. & Blunn, G. W., Jan 2018, In: The American Journal of Sports Medicine. 46, 1, p. 98-108 11 p.

“Additive manufacturing: current concepts, future trends”

Mumith, A., Thomas, M., Shah, Z., Coathup, M. & Blunn, G., Apr 2018, In: Bone and Joint Journal. 100-B, 4, p. 455-460 6 p.

“Optimization of digital volume correlation computation in SR-microCT images of trabecular bone and bone-biomaterial systems”

Pena Fernandez, M., Barber, A., Blunn, G. W. & Tozzi, G., 26 Jul 2018, (Early online) In: Journal of Microscopy.

“Association of electromyographic activation patterns with pain and functional disability in people with chronic neck pain”

Tsang, S. M. H., Szeto, G. P. Y., Xie, Y. F. & Lee, R. Y. W., 5 May 2018, (Early online) In: European Journal of Applied Physiology. 12 p.

“Automatic diameter and orientation distribution determination of fibrous materials in micro x-ray CT imaging data”

Chiverton, J.Kao, A.Roldo, M. & Tozzi, G., 26 Nov 2018, In: Journal of Microscopy. 272, 3, p. 180-195 16 p.


“Pharmaceutical and biomaterial engineering via electrohydrodynamic atomization technologies”

Mehta, P., Haj-Ahmad, R., Rasekh, M., Arshad, M., Smith, A., Van Der Merwe, S., Li, X., Chang, M-W. & Ahmad, Z., Jan 2017, In: Drug Discovery Today. 22, 1, p. 157–165 9 p.

“Use of accelerometers in the control of practical prosthetic arms”

Kyberd, P. J. & Poulton, A., 1 Oct 2017, In: IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering. 25, 10, p. 1884-1891 8 p., 7898451.

“Fretting and corrosion between a metal shell and metal liner may explain the high rate of failure of R3 modular metal-on-metal hips”

Ilo, K. C., Derby, E. J., Whittaker, R. K., Blunn, G. W., Skinner, J. A. & Hart, A. J., May 2017, In: The Journal of Arthroplasty. 32, 5, p. 1679-1683 5 p.

“Categorization of compensatory motions in transradial myoelectric prosthesis users”

Hussaini, A., Zinck, A. & Kyberd, P., 1 Jun 2017, In: Prosthetics and Orthotics International. 41, 3, p. 286-293 8 p.

“Biomimetic surface functionalization of clinically relevant metals used as orthopaedic and dental implants”

García-Gareta, E., Hua, J., Orera, A., Kohli, N., Knowles, J. C. & Blunn, G. W., 22 Nov 2017, In: Biomedical Materials. 13, 1, 015008.

“Skill assessment in upper limb myoelectric prosthesis users: validation of a clinically feasible method for characterising upper limb temporal and amplitude variability during the performance of functional tasks”

Thies, S. B., Kenney, L. P. J., Sobuh, M., Galpin, A., Kyberd, P., Stine, R. & Major, M. J., 30 Sep 2017, In: Medical Engineering & Physics. 47, p. 137-143 7 p.

“Demineralized bone matrix to augment tendon-bone healing: a systematic review”

Hexter, A. T., Pendegrass, C., Haddad, F. & Blunn, G., Oct 2017, In: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine. 5, 10, 2325967117734517.

“Feasibility study for a clinical application of digital volume correlation”

Palanca, M., Cristofolini, L., Pani, M., Kinene, E., Blunn, G. W., Madi, K. & Tozzi, G., 9 Jan 2017, In: Orthopaedic Proceedings: A Supplement to The Bone and Joint Journal. 99, SUPP 2, p. 18-18 1 p.

“In vivo biocompatibility and pacing function study of silver ion-based antimicrobial surface technology applied to cardiac pacemakers”

Shawcross, J., Bakhai, A., Ansaripour, A., Armstrong, J., Lewis, D., Agg, P., De Godoy, R. & Blunn, G., 11 Apr 2017, In: Open Heart. 4, 1, e000357.

“Supraspinatus detachment causes musculotendinous degeneration and a reduction in bone mineral density at the enthesis in a rat model of chronic rotator cuff degeneration”

Thangarajah, T., Henshaw, F., Sanghani-Kerai, A., Lambert, S. M., Pendegrass, C. J. & Blunn, G. W., Jul 2017, In: Shoulder and Elbow. 9, 3, p. 178-187 10 p.

“The effectiveness of demineralized cortical bone matrix in a chronic rotator cuff tear model”

Thangarajah, T., Henshaw, F., Sanghani-Kerai, A., Lambert, S. M., Blunn, G. W. & Pendegrass, C. J., Apr 2017, In: Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 26, 4, p. 619-626 8 p.

“Investigations of octylglyceryl dextran-graft-poly(lactic acid) nanoparticles for peptide delivery to the brain”

Boussahel, A., Ibegbu, D. M., Lamtahri, R., Maucotel, J., Chuquet, J., Lefranc, B., Leprince, J., Roldo, M., Le Mével, J-C., Gorecki, D. & Barbu, E., 1 Apr 2017, In: Nanomedicine. 12, 8, p. 879-892 14 p.


“Augmentation and repair of tendons using demineralised cortical bone”

Elnikety, S., Pendegrass, C. J., de Godoy, R. F., Holden, C. & Blunn, G. W., 17 Nov 2016, In: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 17, 1, 483.

“Transdisciplinary working practices for wellbeing: project examples using the creative and cultural industries for healthcare innovations”

Farrer, J., Bowyer, C., Watt, C., Powell, W. & Allan, I., 11 Sep 2016. 4 p.

“Corrosion at the head-neck interface of current designs of modular femoral components: essential questions and answers relating to corrosion in modular head-neck junctions”

Osman, K., Panagiotidou, A. P., Khan, M., Blunn, G. & Haddad, F. S., 1 May 2016, In: Bone and Joint Journal. 98-B, 5, p. 579-584 6 p.

“Iterative learning control as an enabler for robotic-assisted upper limb stroke rehabilitation”

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“Fast plasma sintering delivers functional graded materials components with macroporous structures and osseointegration properties”

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“Microchannel neural interface manufacture by stacking silicone and metal foil laminae”

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“Design innovation for wellbeing: project examples using smart materials for the body and built environment”

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“Nanohydroxyapatite effect on the degradation, osteoconduction and mechanical properties of polymeric bone tissue engineered scaffolds”

Salmasi, S., Nayyer, L., Seifalian, A. M. & Blunn, G. W., 30 Dec 2016, (Early online) In: The Open Orthopaedics Journal. 10, Suppl-3, M8, p. 900-919 20 p.