SIGHT: Webinar with Morgan Innovation & Technology, Menzies and the University of Portsmouth - 10 March 2021

This is the next webinar organised by the SIGHT Programme. During this online event, Nigel Clarke from Morgan Innovation & Technology – SIGHT member, will talk about how Morgan supports innovators to bring their products successfully to market through their unique ‘innovation to investment’ model. Adrian Price from Menzies – SIGHT affiliate member, will cover financial mechanisms to support medtech development and Professor Gordon Blunn – Director in Health and Wellbeing at the University of Portsmouth & Principal Investigator of SIGHT Programme will talk about how SIGHT support SMEs.

University of Portsmouth: How to use Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to harness business growth - 4 March 2021

This workshop organised by the University of Portsmouth will explore the mKTP funding and how business can apply for a grant to facilitate the recovery. The management Knowledge Transfer Partnership (mKTP) is a government grant scheme designed to help drive business performance, productivity and growth through transformative management practices with university academic expertise.

University of Portsmouth: Quantum Communications and Information Security - 24 March 2021

Quantum technologies are new disruptive technologies in which fundamental aspects of quantum physics are instrumental in providing advantages over the conventional technology counterparts. Examples include quantum computing, sensing, imaging and communications.
During this event organised by the University of Portsmouth Professor Tim Spiller will briefly outline examples and illustrate their “quantum advantage”, before discussing quantum communications in more detail. He’ll give a short overview of what is being pursued in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, and then expand on the technologies being delivered by the Quantum Communications Hub.