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Disable The Label logo

Disable the Label

Disable the Label is a non-profit and provides a free app to empower, support and provide information to parents of disabled children. It does this through a Directory, which consists of 8 categories; Clothing, Equipment, Funding, Hobbies, Holidays, Sports, Support and Therapy. Within these categories are charities, businesses and organisations that provide various different services for parents of disabled children and their child. They will be able to head straight to find out more about what is available locally to them and across the country. 

The app will also have free podcasts, with episodes talking to various different people and professionals about their experience or knowledge on many different subject relating to children with disabilities. We soon hope to also include a members area for parents, which will provide them with Webinars, Q&A’s and Guides all on specific key subjects that they have asked for more information on. 

This is an app that parents have been calling out for and we are run purely by the support of those around us, so if you would like to be part of the app, directory or podcast or would like to sponsor us please email

Resony App logo

Resony App

Resony is a digital therapeutic (Mobile App) designed for stress and anxiety reduction to build resilience. Research-backed. Simple to learn techniques. Resonance breathing using a pulse oximeter. Progressive muscle relaxation. Gratitude journaling. Private tailored therapy. Resony uses an integrated approach, working with mind and body, to build resilience. Whether you are waiting for therapy, tired of medication or want a therapy companion, Resony provides you with instant and effective techniques to help you achieve your wellbeing goal.

Me2GP logo


Me2GP is an app that supports remote consultations of patients with their GPs.  The app is free to download and enables the user to be trained in the use of off-the-shelf medical devices to measure basic vital signs. Results can then be recorded and shared, by text or email, with the GP.

Time research & innovation logo

Time research & innovation

Time research & innovation begins its journey with the purpose of ensuring a sustainable future for our civilization. Time research & innovation is a research organization with sites across the United Kingdom and Bangladesh. We’ve begun research studies in behavioural computer sciences, including technology, health informatics, education, and community outreach. Our first priority is to conduct research, training, and development efforts to assist disadvantaged individuals in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh.

Currently, we are working on a number of projects including World Health Aid, Tikar Boi, E-commerce solution, DcoTrack, EventsTri, and so on. Our Work-Based Learning (WBL) program is one of the flagship programs that is specially designed for freshers & young enthusiasts who are trying to get the test of the real-life working environment. Our unique focus on upcoming projects is to take care of the environment, and vulnerable and deprived people in the society who are for instance discriminated against for their sexual orientations and beliefs. Through our research, we will point out the gaps and will draw a strategic plan to resolve those. We know it is a collective responsibility and can not do it alone. Therefore, we will create a support bubble with our partners and collaborators to strike together. At the heart of our solutions, we will combine modern technologies, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, Computer Vision and Imaging, Natural Language processes (NLP), and the Internet of Things (IoT). We can close the gap between cultures, races, communities, and societies if we work together.

Healthinote logo

Healthinote by Cognitant

We empower patients by providing clear, reliable health information, allowing them to become actively involved in improving their health, and enabling healthcare professionals to optimise their care ORCHA, the exclusive NHS app reviewer, has approved Healthinote for use with the NHS. Looking at 260 criteria, Healthinote achieved ORCHA approval of 79%.

Apple download App

Android download Play Store.

Concentric Health logo

Concentric Health

Concentric Health’s mission is to transform how decisions are made about our health. Decisions informed by patient outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician. Concentric is a digital consent application, with remote consent functionality, which makes it easy to share personalised procedure specific information, and leads to informed, shared decisions

Welldoing logo

Welldoing is the UK’s leading therapist matching service for in-person and online therapy.We have over 1000 therapist members, all of whom are verified as members of their professional associations annually, and a huge library of articles and resources on mental health, self-development and wellbeing. Our mission is to improve mental wellbeing support for all, through better access, understanding and efficiency

The Ticket Bank logo

The Ticket Bank

The Ticket Bank provides event tickets to disadvantaged and marginalised individuals free of charge. We believe arts and culture should be accessible to all and socially inclusive. We work with event organisers, charities and community organisations to distribute otherwise unused event tickets to beneficiaries, creating fantastic life experiences that provide wide ranging benefits to health and wellbeing.

Lysta logo


Express yourself.

Lysta enables users to create lists of content and then to connect, interact and learn.

Create lysts of absolutely anything

Compile, categorise, and rank the things that matter. Discover new things to try, buy, and find new favourites

Hello Tomo logo

Hello Tomo

Mental Health. Shared.

Build healthy habits with the tomo community. Use our proven therapeutic techniques to take the first step to a healthier and happier you.

270 Vision logo

270 Vision

The proven dimension in remote patient assessment in the critical weeks after orthopaedic surgery. Before a patient leaves hospital or during the pre-operative period, the clinician uses BPMpathway to create a personalised post-operative support programme to meet the patient’s individual needs, which they can undertake in the comfort of their own home.

Wellgood logo

Well Good

Well Good is on a mission to provide tailored predictive mental health care to its users, preventing them from reaching crisis by maintaining good mental health. Using state of the art Artificial Intelligence technology, we will signpost users to the dangers of their own poor mental health before it becomes a problem.

Magic Bullet logo

Magic Bullet

A small team with big ambition, we’re a social enterprise on a mission to positively disrupt healthcare for people with Cystic Fibrosis; improving quality of life and putting people at the centre of the journey.

I Want Great Care logo

I Want Great Care

Making it easy for patients to provide feedback on their care

iWantGreatCare lets patients leave meaningful feedback on their care, say thank you and help the next patient.

Vine Health logo


Your cancer companion.

Our mobile app supports you through your cancer treatment to #BeInControl

We’re on a mission to use thoughtful technology to help you through cancer. We’re working with oncologists, specialist cancer nurses and patients to build an app allowing patients to easily report and monitor their symptoms, medication, and activity levels.

My Mynd logo

My Mynd

Holistic Mental Health & Wellbeing Platform

1 in 4 adults are suffering from poor mental health right now. As a result of isolation, trauma, uncertainty and recession the problem is growing.

Prevention is better than cure. Early intervention and support reduces severity and avoids crisis.

We’re here to help get ahead of this new Mental Health & Wellbeing Pandemic.

Medified logo


Data-driven solution for Mental Health treatment.

With our dynamic treatment monitoring software, we provide valuable insight from the patient’s treatment process for the healthcare professionals to utilize in treatment-decisions.

IED Apps logo

IED Apps 

Narrate and quantify the demands on your department and instantly share that information to make better informed decisions.

Canary Care logo

The Canary Care portal

Log in to see your loved one’s daily routine and be reassured at a glance. Set rules to receive notifications via text and/or email prompting you to get in touch to check everything’s okay.

There is also the option to set up calling circles to share the care with family, friends and carers.


Helpo is wellness platform offering wellbeing workout courses on different mindfulness programs

Memory Tracks logo

Memory Tracks

Memory Tracks is a care platform that links music to daily tasks to support those living with cognitive impairment such as dementia.