Funding calls

This page is being updated with current funding calls that may be of interest. Click on the links to take you through to the funders website for more information.

Innovate UK Smart Grants: April 2022

Smart is Innovate UK’s responsive grant funding programme. It has focused eligibility criteria and scope to support SMEs and their partners to develop disruptive innovations with significant potential for rapid, economic return to the UK. For more information:

UKRI MRC: Surveillance and diagnostics for antimicrobial resistance call

Apply for funding to develop networks to improve diagnostic and surveillance tools for antimicrobial resistance. Your networks must include experts and stakeholders.  For more information:

i4i FAST (Funding At the Speed of Translation) Awards Pilot Scheme

The brand new i4i FAST (Funding At the Speed of Translation) funding scheme is inviting innovators to submit applications that will answer a specific question, fund a single piece of activity or fill a specific evidence gap across all technology readiness levels. This could provide pivotal support by allowing innovations to be de-risked, further explored to justify further research and investment or to fail fast if simply not viable. Research themes can address any area of existing or emerging clinical unmet need. For more infromation:

Development and Skills Enhancement Award Round 10

The Development and Skills Enhancement Award (DSE) is a post-doctoral level award aimed at supporting NIHR Academy Members to gain specific skills and experience to underpin the next phase of their research career. Applicants need to demonstrate what new skills and experience they hope to gain through the award, and how it will benefit their future career in health and care research. The award runs three times a year, opening in January, May and September and will support a mixture of researcher-led applications and applications from areas of strategic importance. For more information:

Prostate Cancer UK: Research Innovation Awards

This is a two-stage call that will open for expressions of interest for bold, innovative research projects that have a real potential to impact the way prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated. For more information:

Prostate Cancer UK: Transformational Impact Awards

This new funding initiative will support larger-scale research investments which aim to tackle the biggest challenges in prostate cancer, covering high quality discovery science, through to translation and clinical research. These awards will deliver research which cannot be met through our existing funding schemes, with the ambition to significantly expand our understanding of the disease, maximise the scale and speed of progress in prostate cancer research and crucially deliver a positive impact on the lives of men with prostate cancer. For more information:

Early Detection and Diagnosis Project Award

Early Detection and Diagnosis Project Awards fund science to drive transformational change in how and when early cancers and pre-cancerous states are diagnosed. For more information:

Cancer Immunology Project Awards catalyse research and build the UK’s research base in cancer immunology by funding immunologists from non-cancer fields. For more information:

22/60 Mechanisms of action of health interventions in patients with multiple long-term conditions (MLTC)

22/47 Health and Social Care Delivery Research Programme researcher-led

22/46 NIHR NICE Rolling Call (HSDR Programme)

22/55 Delivering a Sustainable Health and Care System (PHR Programme)

22/54 NIHR NICE Rolling Call (PHR Programme)

22/53 NIHR James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships rolling call (PHR Programme)

22/52 Continuing priority research topics of interest to the PHR Programme

22/51 Public Health Research Programme researcher-led

Alopecia UK Research funding

Crohn’s & Colitis UK: Research Awards

i4i FAST (Funding At the Speed of Translation) Awards

Research and Innovation for Global Health Transformation – Call 5